Sunday, January 23, 2011

Lazy Sunday - NOT!

So the plan this year was to work smarter not harder right? Well part of that plan was to not do housework on the weekends or at least do as little as possible. Last weekend was a trial run and let's just say it didn't really go like I planned so I thought this weekend would be better. I at least thought I would give it a champion effort.

So how am I doing?

Well let's just say if this was twitter I would be swimming with the fail whale for sure.

Yesterday, I did the dishes and tried to tidy the main floor but that is very difficult with two kids, especially when one of them gets into everything, including Barbies and lots and lots of hair products. I think I spent much of yesterday following behind her. Then I decided that I would tackle the hall outside the my husband's office and the kids play room. It was littered with boxes and stuff since my husband started to clear out and de-clutter his office. It was a hazard for sure. That only took an hour or so. I even tidied the kids playroom and my husband's office a bit. And of course you know what that means? It means that kids needed to play right in the newly cleaned hallway of course. Just another mess that someone ( ME! ) will have to clean up later probably.

Actually, this year as part of the plan, as a household we are working on getting everyone to take their part in the mess and clean up. We are encouraging the kids to clean up after they play, to put their clothes away and in the hamper when they are dirty and also to bring their dishes to the kitchen after they eat. My kids are young enough right now that they actually like to clean, like vaccuum, wash dishes and clean the bathrooms - strange I know but I am taking advantage of it because I know it might not last long.

Now it is Sunday. A day to relax right? WRONG!

Today I have a long list of things to do because I didn't get the done during the week. I could just sit with my feet up today but realistically that just wouldn't be productive. I did get to sleep in this morning. The kids didn't wake me up until 9 o'clock. GLORIOUS. I did have a nice cup of coffee with  my breakfast.

So today I attempted to fix both the dishwasher and the dryer -- while I did manage to clean them up neither one is working properly. Guess I will be calling the repair man soon.

So much for a restful weekend but at least I got some things done. There is always next weekend to put  my feet up.