Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sweet Moments - more to my list of awesome

There are so many things each and every day that are sweet moments, many of them we let pass us by. We  let the little stresses of our life to mask, cloud and hide the sweet moments that life hands us - the gifts of every day life.

So here are a few new things that are sweet moments, things on my list of awesome. Today's list is inspired by the rainy weather we have had for days here in the GTA.

*sitting, curled up on the couch, on a rainy day watching a movie. Sometimes made better when you are all alone in a quiet house and sometimes made all the more special when you are curled up under a blanket with your kids.

*a beautiful rainbow after the rain. We don't see many these days, I remember so many more when I was a child. Even more special is when you get to glimpse a double rainbow. Totally awesome.

*the chirping of robin birds as they flit around the lawn scooping up all the worms after the rain.

*I love what the rain is doing to the garden. It went from mostly dirt to luscious green leaves, beautiful plants sprouting up out of the ground and those sweet green small spikes of new grass ( they were seed only days ago) peaking out of the dirt.

*I love to watch the kids out playing in the rain. They pull on their rubber boots and rain coats and revel in the wetness. They splash in the puddles and dance between the rain drops. They see the beauty, the fun and the positive of the rain.

There are so many more... What are your sweet moments inspired by the rain?