Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sweet Moments on a Rainy Day

So as I am sitting here at my computer it is another gloomy day. It is raining again. We have had rain for what feels like 2 weeks straight. It is even cold out. I have had the furnace off for a week or two but this weather makes me what to turn it on again. My feet are cool but that makes me think there must be some good things about this weather right? There are some awesome things about this day.

1. Getting to curl up on the couch with a really warm, fuzzy blanket with a hot cup of coffee. Mmmmm... nothing better.

2. My garden is busting at the seams with all this rain. Love it.

3. I get to day dream about the next warm sunny day and all the great things that I will be doing once the sun peaks out from behind the clouds.

Do you have anything that you think is awesome about a rainy day? Give it a try. It will certainly help you see the bright side of any day.