Monday, February 20, 2012

Thoughts Have Power

Our minds are powerful things.

Think about it....let's just talk about a common scenario.

You wake up in the morning. The phone rings and your boss asks you to come in a few minutes early to talk to him in his office but doesn't say why. He only says that you will talk more about when you get there. So now what? Well, your mind starts to race. You are starting to think about all the scenarios. You think about all the things it could be and then you start thinking it is something bad. Maybe you are getting laid off? Maybe you are getting fired? Or maybe they are upset with something you are doing? What could it be? The more you think, the more your stomach starts to churn and the worse you feel. You start to get a pit in your stomach. And it is all because your mind started to think about all the terrible things that could happen. By the time you get to work you are just sick, you have a headache and all you want to do is go back to bed. You walk into you bosses office, sit down, and mentally prepare yourself for the bad news BUT then your boss says they just wanted to tell you how happy they are with your work, they are looking to give you a more important role in the office. Not at all what you thought.

Ah the power of our thoughts. All that thinking and you made yourself sick with worry. Our thoughts do have power. We let them have power over us. Just think how different that scenario would have been if what you thought about was positive rather than negative. What if you had thought about getting a raise, imagine how good that would have made you feel.

I am guilty as anyone. I have been known to be a bit of a worrier. In the last year or so I have been working on that, especially in the last six months. I now understand my thoughts are directly linked to how I feel. Negative thoughts can make me feel bad and who wants to live a life feeling bad all the time. When I think positively I feel energized to do good things, I am inspired and creativity flows. I have often listened to the little voice in my head. You know the voice? The voice that speaks to you, the voice that says you can't do something, you aren't smart enough, you aren't talented enough. Do you have a little voice like that? Well, don't listen to it. Replace it with the voice that tells you you can do anything, you are special because let's face it there is only one YOU! You are unique. Every single one of us has something to give to the world, something that is uniquely you.

So positive thoughts have power, just like negative ones do. What would you rather listen to? I prefer to listen to the positive thoughts. The negative ones have never done anything good for me. I want to live a prosperous life, one of happiness, love and success!

Oh ya, and the best part of all these positive thoughts? Our thoughts are FREE.... so use them the best way you can!