Sunday, October 21, 2012

Shopping with Sears Club Points

Before I say anything else I should just say that I LOVE shopping with points. Last Christmas I redeemed many points for presents and gift cards. It was a great feeling to be cashing in those points that I had carefully collected throughout the year. So naturally I was more than a little excited about the opportunity to work with Mom Central Canada and Sears Canada and use the retailers Sears Club Points program.

Firstly, here is a bit of information about the Sears Club Points Program:

When you receive a Sears Financial™ Mastercard® or Sears Card, you’re automatically enrolled in the Sears Club™ Points Program. You get up to 2% back in rewards every time you shop.

 Some of the Sears Club Benefits…

-       You can earn DOUBLE points at Sears everyday
 -       1,000 points = $10 towards anything at Sears, including travel ( with some exceptions)
-       You can also donate them to Sears in your Community

There are two great ways to use your Sears Club Points. You can redeem points online at or in store. I chose to experience both ways to redeem.

First, I hit the Sears site and did a lot of shopping online. It was actually hard to decide what to get and frankly, who to shop for. I looked around for things for the house but then I decided that was too practical. In the end I decided to try to shop for everyone in the family. With Christmas coming it was a great opportunity to get some things for the kids. I managed to find several pairs of leggings for the kids and some really great tops! They are going to look so stylish at Christmas!


 I did find a little something for myself ( some very nice boots that should be coming the first week of November).

Wanted® 'Galloway' Microfibre Fashion Boot For Women

Now here is how it works online. You select the things you want to purchase, dropping them into your cart and then when you are done head to the checkout. Once at the checkout you need to select a credit card to charge your purchase to but also make sure that you enter your Sears Club Points number. The idea is that you will pay for your purchase first and then be credited your account once your purchase is processed through your Sears Club Points.

Here is how it is described on

1. Enter a valid credit card and the Sears Gift Card or Rewards Card identification number
2. Sears Canada will process your credit card for the total amount of your order
3. Sears Canada will process the Sears Gift Card or Rewards Card for the balance remaining on the card
4. Sears Canada will reimburse (debit) the customer for the total amount processed on the gift card or rewards card.
**Credit card debits may take up to 2 weeks to process and may, due to processing timing, actually appear on the next statement after the initial charge.**

While it says it could take up to two weeks it only took a matter of a few days. And the items started showing up at my doorstep in just a couple of days. That was just exciting.

Now, sadly I had to return one of the items that I purchased for the kids. The shirt was just too small. Returning couldn't have been easier. No questions asked. No fuss! No muss! I walked in and said that I needed to return the shirt. I had the bag with the shipping receipt on it and the sales associate in the catalog customer service just said no problem and refunded the money back on my Visa card.

Of course while in the store I couldn't help looking around. I still has some Sears Club Points to use up and using the points card in the store was so easy. I just took what I wanted up to the cash desk, handed over my Sears Club Points and swiped. It was just like using a gift card!

Disclosure – I am participating in the Sears Club Points program by Mom Central Canada.  I received compensation for my participation in this campaign. The opinions on this blog are my own.