Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sweet Moments of Being a Parent

I was chatting with a coworker tonight about being a parent. He is Dad to two children who are now all grown up, one of whom is also a parent herself. We got talking about how much being a parent has changed our lives and how becoming a Dad was the best decision he ever made.

We shared some of the best moments with our children, and most of those moments focused on holidays like Christmas. Kids just make all those holidays more special. They remind everyone how joyous it is just to be alive and be together.

I shared how much I loved those late night moments rocking my oldest to sleep. There were nights at the time when I was so tired and how I longed for my "Special K" just to fall asleep on her own. BUT now I miss those nights. My heart aches just a bit for those nights when she would snuggle up on my chest, one hand flat, resting on my chest almost right over my heart. My chin would rest gently on her head, all the while I was smelling the sweetness of her hair and rocking in my wood rocking chair.  Her forehead would get sweaty and her chubby lips would pucker as I shifted my weight in the chair.

Those moments are a distant memory and yet almost feel like yesterday. My "Special K" is nine years old now and she is too big to snuggle up on my lap now. Actually, she is almost as tall as me.

Thinking back on memories like this remind me how important it is to enjoy every moment, don't hurry things along, don't wish for your kids to grow up, don't waste time on meaningless stuff, and be present.

What are your best memories of when your kids were little? I would love to hear them.