Tuesday, November 18, 2008


It is true what they say about kids...they do say the funniest things. Case in point.

I went to the grocery story with "M" today before picking up my oldest daughter from school. We just had a couple of things to pick up. You should know that in the past weeks, "M" has become very curious about everything. She wants to know about everything, why and how. You get the picture.

So feeling rather chatty today, "M" decides the toilet paper isle is a great place to ask this..." Mommy, how do babies come out? Do they come out of your pee-pee?" It is important to remember "M" is only 3 years old. I laugh and say that maybe we could talk about in the car. To which she says "Do they come from here? ( pointing up her skirt) I answered yes and that seemed to appease her curiosity for the time being.

The lady grabbing a package of toilet paper was practically rolling over in the isle. I'm sure half the people waiting at the check out lines heard "M" as well.

Kids do say the funniest things. Do you have a funny parenting moment?