Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Back to School: Fear or Excitement

So the countdown is on. This time next week I will be down one kid. School starts and my oldest is off to grade 1. All day, every day school. It is going to be strange indeed. I am excited to have some quiet time, some time to go to the bathroom by myself and not hear kids scrapping in the T.V. room and scream "Mom, where are you?" Mom, I'm hungry!" Mom, where are you? MommmmmmmmYYYYYYYYY? (see that's where the excitement part of this post comes in)

Like just now. The kids are lying all over the place like their bones are suddenly made of elastics and of course they can't walk, calling me. "Mommmmeeeeeeeeee, we're hungry. Did we have breakfast be I think I am hungry for lunch" to which I respond, "Yes you had breakfast. It's only 10:30 it's not time for lunch" to which they respond "BUT MOMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!" OK now I am just ignoring them. It won't last long but I should be able to pretend they're not there long enough to finish this post.

I digress!

Anyway, and soon enough I will have two kids off to school. My youngest starts Junior Kindergarten this year BUT we have graduated entry here. All that means is it takes about a month for them to actually start school. We make so many short visits it gets irritating, for me and the kid. I remember when my oldest started Kindergarten and every time we went to the school for one of our short visits she would as ask " Am I staying today? When am I really starting school" Exactly what I was saying to my self, trying to hide my frustrating and need to just leave her there.
But here's where the fear enters the equation. After weeks of summer vacation, I once again have to pull myself out of bed way too early in the morning and shuffle two kids off to school. Mornings are not my strong suit.  I don't get home from work until 1 a.m. and that means after doing a bit of cleaning and packing lunches bedtime comes about 2:30 in the morning. Last year I slept in almost every day and practically flew out the door to get my oldest off to school. Let's just say mornings were more than stressful and we got friendly with the ladies in the school office. The late sign in sheet is in the office and we were regulars.

Well, this year we are promising to get a better grade. OK, it's just me.

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