Wednesday, September 9, 2009


It is so true what they say: Kids do say the funniest things. So today I decided to go for a walk with my youngest daughter since her big sister was off at school. We hit the road and walked down to the lake only a short jaunt from your house. There is a great path that everyone uses to run, walk and bike. It's a great walk with lots of great scenery. My daughter asked if we could go to the beach at the end of the walk. Heck why not, I thought, so we hit the sand. She played around for a little while, loving the fact the entire beach was deserted and was all hers. She ended up covered in sand so we headed home so she could plop herself in a bath.

When we get home we headed for the bath. She got in the water but still had her hair in ponytails. She then asks me to pull out the ponies while she is sitting in the tub.  She says "Ouch! That hurts" and then to my surprise she says "ASS. PENIS!"  I was stunned. She is only 4 years old. I could not believe my ears and the minute she said it she knew it was a bad thing. I said, "EXCUSE ME?" Dear Daughter said, " Sorry Mommy but it really hurts." I then explained to her that wasn't proper language and that she shouldn't use those words again but secretly I thought she had a point. Heck it really hurt.