Sunday, January 15, 2012

More Bliss for 2012

So another year has passed and another year has begun. Some things have changed and yet some things have not. I remember starting off the year last year writing about working smarter, not harder. I am not sure that I was very successful at it but it is always a work in progress for me. How about you? This year I am not making any specific resolutions but am pledging to live a more blissful every aspect of my life. Sometimes that can be hard for me. I can see the positive in most things but I think I am like many people and sometimes listen to that little negative whisper in my head. I need to stop doing that. I am really embracing the idea of the power of a positive thought and the power of the law of attraction. It is really important that I believe the universe will bring me everything I want, all I need to do is put it out there. I have seen a lot of good things come my way late last year and I know that 2012 will continue to bring me everything that I want in my life and for my life Everyday I will see what is blissful in my life. is blissful to have a few minutes to myself while my daughter is in dance class. What is bringing you bliss right now?