Monday, January 16, 2012

Giving Opens the Door to Receiving

 I read something today that really struck a nerve with me....

Giving opens up the door to receiving. You have so many opportunities to give every day.
Give kind words. Give a smile. Give appreciation and love. Give compliments

How easy is that? I feel like we often think of giving in a momentary/financial way. While financial giving is important, I think the giving that is not financial can actually be the most meaningful and fulfilling. It doesn't take very much to give in a way that is simple, like offering a kind word, a shoulder to cry on, an understanding ear or a compliment. Those kind moments and gestures bring me the most joy and also offer the most joy, I believe.

Today I offered a smile to everyone I passed in the parking garage tunnel on my way to work. I said hello and smiled. I held the door for everyone I passed. Simple things but they can give so much to others. That is something worthy of the Bliss List...simple things done every day that bring Bliss to every one's lives.

What have you given to others today? What simple acts of Bliss have you offered to someone today?