Monday, January 30, 2012

Motivation Monday - What Are Your Intentions

I am reviving something I started many, many months ago; Motivation Monday's. My original idea for this regular post was to talk about positive things, things that can inspire greatness for the week ahead.  So with the new year, my new attitude toward happiness and the ongoing journey to finding bliss everyday I am revisiting Motivation Monday's.

This Monday I want to talk about intentions. I thought it would be helpful to just start by having a definition.....

1. A course of action that one intends to follow.
2. An aim that guides action; an objective.

Synonyms: intention, intent, purpose, goal, end, aim, object, objective
These nouns refer to what one plans to do or achieve. Intention simply signifies a course of action that one proposes to follow: It is my intention to take a vacation next month.
Intent more strongly implies deliberateness: The executor complied with the testator's intent.
Purpose strengthens the idea of resolution or determination: "His purpose was to discover how long these guests intended to stay" (Joseph Conrad).
Goal may suggest an idealistic or long-term purpose: The college's goal was to raise ten million dollars for a new library.
End suggests a long-range goal: The candidate wanted to win and pursued every means to achieve that end.
Aim stresses the direction one's efforts take in pursuit of an end: The aim of most students is to graduate.
An object is an end that one tries to carry out: The object of chess is to capture your opponent's king.
Objective often implies that the end or goal can be reached: The report outlines the committee's objectives.

As part of my shift I am learning to focus on what I want everyday. Part of doing that is actually knowing what I want and actually verbalizing that. Say what you want is a simple plan but can be hard when you actually have to write it down. I think the easiest thing to do is to start small. Write down your daily intentions. What do you plan for the day? Pick three things that you want for each day. Once you can make that part of your daily routine it would be great to working on the things you want to accomplish for the month and then for the year.

I believe that it is essential to ask for what you want. Ask and you shall receive and that is what writing your intentions down each day.

Do you write down your intentions daily? Or do you working with a bigger picture?