Tuesday, January 8, 2013

On The Road...with Windows 8 Phone

On the road again......

Still snow on the ground.

Heading to warmer temps!

So this year was like many in the past... after Christmas we packed up the car and hit the road south. We programmed the GPS and got driving for sun, sand and surf.

One other thing I did was load up the Kids Corner on my new Microsoft Windows 8 Phone. There is nothing that makes a road trip smoother with two kids than all the electronic devices loaded with games for the kids. That is what I LOVE about this new phone is the kids corner. The kids have a dedicated spot that is full of games just for them. I don't need to worry about what they are doing in the back seat with my phone....in a spot that I can't see and can't reach while we are on the road.

I loaded up several games for the kids to play in the hopes that it would keep them occupied for several hours in the back seat. Here is just a selection of the games/apps that I loaded on the phone for the nearly 24 hour road trip. 

This was a life saver for sure. I gave us hours of driving pleasure! Of course I also loaded a few games in there for Mom too!

I received a Nokia Lumia 920 from Microsoft Canada to try out. I am being compensate for my posts but the opinions written here are my own.