Thursday, January 17, 2013

One Look...Windows 8 Phone #HolidaySwap with Microsoft

There is no doubt we are all busier than we have time for. Every day our lives are jam packed with errands, tasks, appointments, meetings....stuff for the kids, for the house, for work, for friends and neighbours. It can be difficult for  the best of us to keep track of everything going on in our lives and then add email, Facebook and twitter and it can down right cluttered.

As part of the Microsoft Canada's Holiday Swap campaign I got a chance to use the new Windows 8 Nokia Lumia 920. Change can be hard and it was a serious learning curve BUT I have come to love a number of features of this phone. One of the things  I love is the main page. It is designed with tiles. You can customize this main page with as many or as few tiles as you want. It allows me to manage many of my online elements, including email, Facebook, twitter,  and text messages. Just one quick glance and I can see which area of my online life is updating....saving me time and that is a life saver. It is so visual and that is so much better than having to go searching for the latest updates.

The other thing I love is the kids corner. I have said it often during this campaign but it is worth saying again.  It is just great to be able to load games and apps in an area that is all for the kids and doesn't interfere with any of my email, text or social media. The kids love to have a special space that is all just for them. It was a hit during the long road trip to Florida! The hours in the car were a lot less painful for the kids and the parents!

This new Windows 8 phone is so customizable. I love that I can choose the colour of the tiles, the size and position of the tiles. It is so easy to make changes whenever I feel like the main page of the phone just isn't working for me. Just tap and move, or tap and re-size the tile, or tap and drag to a new position. It is so easy, even a low techie like me can do it all on her own! Being able to customize the phone just the way I like it make this phone completely mine, and completely original. It is originally ME!

Another thing  I love about the visual elements of this phone is the updates are just at a glance. It is great to be able to just pick up the phone and see where there are updates, when I have new email, when there is a new message, whether it is a text message, a Twitter direct message or a Facebook message. All messages come in through one tile, the message tile and that just makes things so much easier. It is streamlined and organized in one easy touch tile.

If you are a visual person you are going to love this phone. You can customize it any why you like and that just makes it more personal. It really is YOUR phone.

I received a Nokia Lumia 920 from Microsoft Canada to try out. I am being compensate for my posts but the opinions written here are my own.