Thursday, June 20, 2013



Same Love by 
Macklemore and producer Ryan Lewis 

I LOVE this song. When I hear it in the car it makes me all weepy.

It makes me weepy because there are so many people who are heartbroken in this world because they are afraid to be themselves. They are afraid to be WHO they are. It makes me sad there is a child anywhere living in the shadows. We are all unique and special and we should celebrate our differences. It is our differences that make us all unique. I long for a day when everyone can live the life we were meant to live, the life we were born to matter who we love.

It makes me sad to think any parent could one day decide they can not LOVE their own child anymore because of who they decide to LOVE.  Your child is born with so many possibilities, the world is their oyster. We can't live their life for them but we can and should love and support the life they chose to live for themselves, no matter their sexual preference.