Friday, June 28, 2013

Last Day of School... and I Am SAD

I snapped this shot of my girls heading up the stairs for their last day of school for this school year.

I have a confession to share. I will be honest I am a bit sad that the school year is over.  I am sad because it means another school year has passed, that my girls are getting older and they are growing up and learning to be their own people. I am proud of my girls and happy to see that they are growing up to be such amazing, kind, generous and loving people BUT it also makes me a little sad. I wish I could just slow down time, let them stay little just a little bit longer. 

Listen, don't get me wrong, I am thrilled we get to sleep in for the summer, that I don't have to make school lunches for the next two months and that I we can all stay in our PJ's for hours after we get up but I am lamenting of days gone by, when my girls were little. I am happy to be sending so much time with them over the next two months. Summer is our time to re-connect and I love it but why do they have to grow up so fast?

Next year I will have one daughter in grade 3 and one daughter in grade 5. Wow, I can hardly even believe it. Where have my little babies gone?