Wednesday, April 14, 2010


So this is the second part to this week's Write a Review Wednesday. I wanted to update my reading of  The One-Week Project by Sean Aiken.

I will admit I have been slightly challenged by the flow of the writing. I find it doesn't have too much flow and I struggle with a feeling of starts and stops BUT the content of the book is great. I am so interested in the jobs that Sean takes and his journey along the way. He meets some interesting people, surprising people in my opinion. It has been so neat that there are so many kind and generous people out there. So many people just want to share their lives, loves and passions with Sean.

I am at week/job 39, more than half way through the 52 week challenge. Sean has met a lot of people, espeically someone very special. I feel like he is really discovering some things about himself. It is like the skins of an onion...slowly peeling away.

I hope to bring you more about the book, specially nuggets from the book and what I learned about Sean's journey when I finally finish the book.

Another update soon