Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Summer Vacay - Weekend # 1

 July 1st was Canada Day. We are so lucky that we live so close to so much of the action. We are downtown Burlington and lucky enough to live within walking distance to an amazing park and community green space, Spencer Smith Park. This past weekend it was the site of an amazing Canada Day celebration. During the day there was lots to see, do and eat! We walked down in the afternoon to take in some of the activities, we watched a dog show and the kids had a slushy and an ice cream cone.

When the sun went down things got really busy. The food stations and trucks were still selling goodies, like fries and funnel cakes. The lawn was jam packed with blankets and people. We found a great spot, after much debate, at the top of a hill! The kids scouted this one out.  We were all there waiting for the fireworks show to begin. There is nothing better than being out with hundreds of other families way past your bedtime! The fireworks show didn't get started until 10 p.m.

Waiting for the fireworks to begin!

And finally the show was underway, once the orchestra played O Canada and the entire crowd of hundreds sang, proudly, the national anthem.

Thanks Burlington for a great night and for allowing my girls to enjoy their own community! There is nothing better!