Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Go Further With Ford

 I recently got the amazing opportunity to join more than 200 other writers, bloggers and influencers to visit Ford in Detroit. It was amazing for a number of reasons, many that I plan to share with you in a series of blog posts.

 Firstly, it was great because as I have told many people, I consider myself a Ford kid so to speak. My Dad worked at the Ford Canada car plan in Oakville, Ontario. He retired there many years ago after 35 years of service. Amazing to think he worked for one company for that long. For many years Ford was the anchor of our community. Many of my friends Dads worked there, several on my street alone. Several days a week I would go with my Mom to pick up my Dad at the end of the day. We would sit in the station wagon, listening to the radio, waiting!

It was three whirl wind days in Detroit with Ford. We got a chance take part in some amazing sessions/panel discussions. These panels included Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak, Jenny Lykken from Google, Jay Ward from Pixar Animation Studios, Seth Godin, Best Selling Author and blogger, and Rachel Shechtman from Cube Ventures and one of the visionaries behind Story in New York.  There was some amazing speakers, sharing some amazing information.

Ford also gave us a look at what they are working on, including how they are moving forward to become more eco-friendly.

We got a chance to hear from Alan Mulally, President ( I shared a funny moment with Mr. Mulally at the dinner on our first night. We had a very long hand shake. It lasted many minutes ) and CEO of Ford and ( one of the highlights) Bill Ford, great grandson of company founder Henry Ford and Executive Chairman of Ford Motor Company.

I hope to share pictures, videos and stories in the days to come