Friday, July 12, 2013

Summer Vacation - Week #2 The Pool

Now this is a gem in our community. It is Mountainside Pool. It is a pool run by the City of Burlington. It has a diving board, a two loop water slid, lots of shallow water to play with the kids and a splash pad for the little ones.

It cost us less than $10 to swim. That is for all three of us and we could have stayed all day long. We were there for about three hours. Now that is a lot of swimming

It was a great afternoon. There are chairs to sit on, grass to throw a towel on and more than enough shade if that is your thing. There was even a little snack bar that sold fries, hot dogs, drinks, slushies and freezies. 

I love finding these great gems in our own community. The pool was a 10 minute drive from our house, that is talking door to parking spot. There were lots of life guards on duty. They were friendly and helpful. We will be going back to this pool for sure! A great way to spend a summer afternoon with the kids before heading off to work. The other bonus of this pool, it fits in with my summer on a budget idea. I really don't like spending a lot of money to entertain the kids during the summer and I am always on the look out for budget friendly activities and this is a definite fit!  Great job city of Burlington! 

This is the girls playing with a ball in the  middle of the pool