Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I Am Going to BlogHer'13

I have been wanting to attend a BlogHer convention for years. Actually, since 2007 to be exact. That was the first year that BlogHer was in Chicago...I believe. Every year I think about it and then every year something comes up and I end up watching the Twitter feed fill up with all the great experiences of others. But NOT this year!

 This year is my year. BlogHer'13! I am more than a little excited about making the road trip with two friends.

So,I am a BlogHer newbie. I can honestly say that it is all just a little overwhelming. So much to do and learn and see. So many people to meet. I was fully aware of the advice from BlogHer alumni about not getting sucked into to the hype, have a plan and stick to the plan and not get pulled into all the party - official or unofficial - craziness. And yet I find myself on the list for a lot, and I mean A LOT, of unofficial parties. I didn't heed the warnings. I got caught up in the frenzy. I think there will be a lot of fun to be had. I think I will still go to many of the parties, some official BlogHer parties and some unofficial parties, BUT I am taking a step back to re-focus my plan. I want to get the most I can from this amazing opportunity to learn, connect and network.

So, now it is time to focus on the great speakers, the great sessions and find some great people to connect with. That last one I am already doing...online.  I have managed to connect with some like minded people, some people I don't really know but would like to get to know better and some people with some serious experience and knowledge, that I hope can teach me a few things about being a better (kick ass) blogger.

What do you hope to get out of this year's BlogHer? What is top of your to-do-list?